Michelle Warro came to Dodon in 2008 after having worked primarily in hunter/jumper barns in New York and Maryland. While most of her time is spent riding twelve or so young horses per day, Michelle is a truly brilliant student herself with very ambitious competition goals in the sport of eventing. She eventually reached the CCI* level with the horse she brought with her to Dodon in 2008 and then produced Not Without Me, an ex-racehorse on whom she placed 4th at the MidSouth CCI* and had consistently good results at Intermediate, before retiring him to the Jumper world to keep him sound and happy.  She currently rides two Thoroughbred mares, Ayrton Senna and Play Like a Raven.

Michelle on Not Without Me at Plantation Field OIMichelle proved her training skills by winning the eventing division over a huge field including top professionals at the 2015 $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky on Charles and Cynthia McGinnes’ four-year-old Best Things InLife.  Like all of the horses Michelle works with, she encouraged his strengths, gave him time to improve where he was weak, and brought out the very best he was capable of when it mattered most. She has an uncanny feel for the learning process of horses, and they absolutely love her.

Michelle acquired her mare, Play Like a Raven (aka Rae), from local Thoroughbred breeder and photographer, Lydia Williams, in January 2016 in order to compete in the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover.  With Rae, Michelle has found a true partner.  By the time the Makeover rolled around in October, Michelle and Rae had already competed in 3 Novice events and 3 Training events; they finished in 6th in the Eventing Division at the Makeover. One more training rounds in the fall of 2016 before they moved up to Preliminary early in 2017.  Michelle and Rae finished in second place at their first CCI* at Virginia!   

Michelle’s students love her because she is so committed to their success. No matter how many horses she has ridden that day her energy level is high and her engagement complete when she teaches lessons. She is sympathetic but demanding. Her students progress and they have fun doing it.

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